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Meet Marsha Cook of Michigan Avenue Media in Northfield

The mission of the World of Ink Network / Michigan Avenue Media Inc. is to share resources, introduce tips, products and services to help strengthen, support and challenge those who love writing and the written word.

We understand marketing a book is time consuming if not confusing when you tackle it yourself. We also know it can be expensive to get a professional PR firm or consultant to help with marketing efforts. Not only that, many book promoters, marketers, and coaches have never written a book in their life. This isn't the case at the World of Ink Network as both Marsha Casper Cook and Virginia S Grenier are award-winning, best-selling authors. They test all services with their books before they refer a company that you can use for services.

To help publishers and authors create awareness for their titles and build, or continue to build, their brand we use a combination of tested book publicity outreach through our established network of media contacts, reviewers and book bloggers. This powerful combination allows publishers and authors to carry on with marketing and promotional efforts long after our services have ended.

Services Offered

Manuscript Editing
The world of publishing is extremely competitive. Don't be in a hurry to get your words into print or online. Publishing houses use editors to make sure their authors produce the best work possible, however, many self-publishers don't hire a professional editor for this final step. Why? Because it can be expensive, but this isn't a step anyone should skip if they want to be a professional author.

As a writer, you are on your own to polish your manuscript before self-publishing or submitting to an agent/publisher and hiring a professional to help will increase your chances of acceptance and for readers to enjoy your polished published work.

Synopsis & Logline Copy
After you’ve written your book or screenplay the most important thing is knowing exactly what your story is about. Fran Lewis can help you do that. This is not about a review it’s about having the right words to attract an agent or publisher.

World of  Ink Network has a 2 million reach that extends globally to countries such as Australia, Mexico, Canada, Europe, South Africa and many more; along with giving you back links to your sites and helping to drive traffic indefinitely to you and your book(s).
Press Releases
We believe the primary goal of a press release should be getting positive "press" for your book. Get your information on 100+ news sites with the World of Ink Network as we use industry leading press release distribution services and have over 20 years of experience in marketing and public relations.

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