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50 Shades Freed

Wrapping up the Fifty Shades trilogy, Fifty Shades Freed gives viewers the happily ever after they were hoping for. Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) and Christian (Jamie Dornan) get married and head off on a country-hopping honeymoon, enjoying idyllic days in Paris and on a Mediterranean beach. Glamor galore as they spend almost as much time in bed as they do exploring the cities. All is happy in their world until sabotage at Grey Enterprises interrupts their honeymoon. 

Ana’s former boss, Jack has returned and is determined to get what he believes is his. With bodyguards in tow, life has changed for Ana as she finds herself juggling being wealthy and a new wife. Jealousy and insecurity among her co-workers create a strained workplace. As well, Ana chafes at the new “rules” of being wealthy and in the limelight.

Christian continues his domineering ways, creating rules and expecting Ana to follow them. He hides information from his wife in order to “protect” her but she feels left out and trapped, which creates a wedge between them that they must fix.

Fifty Shades Freed plays like a movie on Cinemax After Dark with plenty of nudity and sex to make many viewers blush. The sex feels thrown in and not necessary. Everyone knows couples have sex, it’s not needed to see this aspect of their relationship in order to understand their love. However, in this movie we get as much eye candy of Jamie Dornan as of Dakota Johnson. The BDSM elements are fluff. They aren’t the reality of the BDSM lifestyle so be warned before joining any munches. Couple on an Airplane
Couple Getting Married Filled with many moments of relationship angst, this was my favorite of the three movies because we finally get to see the characters on equal footing. Ana has come into her own and stands up to her husband, rather than doing everything he wants. Christian still acts like a spoiled child, setting rules and keeping secrets. When things don’t go his way, he “punishes” Ana. At times, I wonder if he wasn’t good looking and rich, if she’d stay with him.

I’m glad that the movie gives us a happily ever after with a mid-credits scene. It goes to show hope for the couple and their future. Unless you are a fan of the books and movies, this is one better to watch at home. 

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