Marsha's Screenplays - Log Lines

TO LIFE (Family Drama) A Jewish family moves to a neighborhood that hates Jews, but the family doesn’t find that out until it’s almost too late. Throughout the story, the underlying friendship that occurs between two boys from different cultures brings the most beautiful heartwarming ending to the tale of misunderstanding and prejudice.

Hello Deli - Romantic Comedy - A deli and its employees becomes the focal point of a young male socialite who takes a leave of absence to run his family’s deli in Chicago.

It’s Never Too Late - Romantic Comedy - A determined mother and her two best friends leave Florida in the dead of winter and come to Chicago to find the right girl for her son. The tables turn when her son isn’t at all interested in getting married, but somewhere in all the chaos, the over-anxious mother finds a man who changes everything for everyone.

Prince Charming Romantic Comedy - A best selling romance novelist meets the girl of his dreams only to realize she’s getting married in three weeks to someone she doesn’t love. Even when he uses his best romantic scenes as a basis for attracting her, it seems as though the cards are stacked against him. But as things progress, the tables turn, and the magic of love takes over. Finalist ASA, Houston, Chicago Film Festival)

One Husband Too Many (Romantic Comedy) - When a very successful child psychologist, famous for his best-selling parenting books, marries a single mom with three kids, a dog, mother, sister and a talking bird who are all living in their house he quickly realizes the reality of raising a family is not all by the book, especially not his.

BUYER BEWARE (Horror- Thriller) A desperate realtor knowingly sells a young couple the eerie home where gruesome murders took place, then finds himself sharing in all their misfortunes.

FIRST WE DANCE (Thriller) After a socialite is murdered, the detectives on the case realize they are searching for a female serial killer who may be someone they know, but because she is so mysterious, they can’t seem to connect the dots to put her in jail.

NATURE OF THE BEAST (Suspense Drama by Max Irving) After being released from prison, a woman desperately tries to put her life together, beginning with finding her daughter and getting even with the man who helped send her to jail.